Does Microdermabrasion Works for Acne Scars?

03/14/2016 23:09

Microdermabrasion is often mentioned as the procedure you want to fix almost all skin problems. Considering the fact, people start wondering if they can solve their acne scars with the same treatment. 

Does it really work for acne scar? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the level of the case.

What This Treatment Can Do

Before finding out if it can work for your acne scars, you should understand the entire detail of the treatment. This treatment is designed to treat the outmost layer of your epidermis. Using the device, it vacuums your old and dead skin, exfoliating your dead and old skin. It enables you to have fresh and young skin that obviously looks a lot better, for more info and reviews visit Glenda's Note at You need to remember that it works only on the surface. It means this treatment can treat any problems in the surface, not deeper. Now, let’s take a look on your acne scars.  

Refinement and Possibility

Treating your acne scars with this procedure and the possibility of it working out will depend on the condition of your scars. Several scars can be considered as superficial or risen. It commonly happens only on the very surface of your epidermis. These scars commonly will fade away after several sessions. On several cases, it fades even after single session. On the contrary, deeper scars that go within the outmost surface of your epidermis can’t be treated with this procedure. 

The entire processes just seem unable to get deeper, and that is why it can’t touch your scar at all. The scars can look a little better since this treatment touches the epidermis surface. This treatment can unclog your pores on most natural way. However, we know the fact. The very essence of the problem is not yet touched at all. Microdermabrasion can only refine the skin, not solving deep acne scars. It fixes around 5-10 microns of the epidermis. Meanwhile, acne scars commonly go around 100 microns of it. You definitely need a treatment that can reach the deep.    


If you want to fix the acne scars, you should consider laser treatment (More at Healthline). There are many kinds of laser treatment. Most of them will be effective in fixing your acne scars. Among several recommendations, there is PIXEL laser, which is the newest technology. This treatment, just as mentioned on the name, uses real laser light on the procedures. You definitely can’t get this on local beauty spa. 

You need professional and certified hands on clinics. You will need to consult to a doctor first before getting the access to this procedure. This laser treatment can improve acne scar by going deeper in the epidermis. By far, this is the best chance you get to get rid of those scars.    

Now, you finally understand what the treatment can contribute to your acne scars. As far as it is not so deep and fine, you will be able to solve it with the treatment. For worse condition, you should consider getting laser treatment in combination with certain products instead merely microdermabrasion.